Indications: IMPROVAC® is a vaccine for use in male pigs to control boar taint and provides an animal-friendly alternative to physical castration.

Before Use Of IMPROVAC


Below you will find details of the prescribing information:



Key benefits of not castrating:

  • Improved feed conversion rate
  • Improved carcass yield (less fat, more lean meat)
  • Improved health (less mortality and infections)
  • Natural boar growth patterns
  • Potential for substantial return on investment
  • Same high eating quality as castrated pigs and gilts (no boar taint odours or taste)
  • Animal-friendly (elimination of complications or stress associated with physical castration)
  • Reduced environmental impact (less waste, less nitrogen and phosphorus, and reduced carbon footprint)

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IMPROVAC is not recommended for use in breeding stock. Fertility of male breeding stock may be affected if inadvertent administration of more than one dose occurs.


  • 100 mL (50-dose) and 500 mL (250-dose) vials

Dosage and administration:

  • 2 mL subcutaneous injection is given at the base of the ear
  • Two doses must be given at least 4 weeks apart, with the second dose given 4–5 weeks prior to the anticipated time of slaughter.
  • In the case of pigs kept longer than 7–8 weeks after the second dose, GnRF antibodies may decline below effective levels, allowing return of testicular function and risk of boar taint accumulation.

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  • Protect from light
  • Do not freeze
  • Store at 2—8°C (35°—46°F)


Shelf life:

  • 2 years from date of release

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Withholding time:

  • Nil

Product Infill

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