You may have arrived at this page because you are missing a plug-in for your Web browser or you need to upgrade your Web browser. All of the plug-ins or upgrades needed for this Web site are free of charge. Below we briefly describe these items and offer you a link to download the item for your use in this and other Web sites. Often this process is automated and requires you to simply follow the online directions. We have listed below some questions and answers to get you started.

What are the browser requirements for this Web site?

This Web site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. We strongly recommend either IE 6.0 or newer version or Firefox 3.0 version Web browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer can be downloaded free at, and Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded free at

What else might I need?

We recommend that you have Adobe® Reader®, Apple® QuickTime® 7.0 (or newer) and Adobe® Flash® Player installed on your Web browser. They are enhancement applications or plug-ins that enable special features (audio, video or chat) online. (Please note: If you updated your Web browser above, these plug-ins have been installed automatically.)

What is Adobe Reader used for?

Adobe Reader software enables the viewing and printing of Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You can download and install it free at

What is Apple QuickTime used for?

Apple QuickTime player enables specific audio and video playback in real time (streaming). You will need version 7.0 or newer to play streaming media. The latest versions for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computers are available free at

What is Adobe Flash Player used for?

The Adobe Flash Player plug-in enables specific animations throughout this Web site. You can download and install it free at

What do these messages mean?

"server not connected," "communication exception," or "server busy"

These messages usually refer to a network problem between your computer and the server. There is no straightforward way to determine where the problem lies, so your best bet is to try again to connect to the server.

What should I do if I experience a technical problem?

Although Zoetis strives to create Web sites free of technical problems, you may still encounter problems from time to time. Please click on the Webmaster link on the specific page where you are experiencing the problem. Please complete the e-form and click Send. We will do our best to resolve the problem for your future visits.